How to Find the Best Food…

Posted by admin at Monday ~ March 03, 2012 to Uncategorized

There are a lot of ways to use internet to find the best eats in your state – local TV food maps, vegetarian food tours and even locavore haunts – but how do you find the best place to eat in a town you DON’T know when you don’t have an internet connection? Here are a few suggestions
Drive Around – Check out the local haunts the day before you want to eat your meal or the day of if you don’t have any choice. While waiting isn’t fun it’s great to pick a place with a long line – locals only line up at places that have truly good food!
Go to the Visitor’s Center – The visitor’s center is a great place to go to get some coupons and recommendations for great food. You may get the insider’s scoop or a hard-to-get reservation!
Ask a Local – Go somewhere with people like you, a college campus, a bookstore or even a clothing boutique and ask someone there! If you want good BBQ, say so, and don’t throw out any suggestion before you give it a fair shake!